Signs, Symptoms and treatments of 5 common Diseases in boxer dogs

Diseases in boxer dogs are very common, as it happened because of health disorder. In this article, I will explain the main causes of these Diseases, the common clinical signs, and what are the best treatments to treat them.

Liver disease;

common Diseases in boxer dogsLiver disease in dogs are very common disorder, and they normally affect to older dogs. There are many different causes of liver diseases that make your dog miserable a dog. According to one report, liver disease is responsible for one-fifth deaths in dogs.

Liver carries out several functions in dogs just like the dogs, for example, storage of energy, nutrients, body detoxification, disease fighting and much more. Therefore if the liver of your dog becomes damaged and make noncapable to perform its functions, then your dog have to suffer from so many issues. If you think that your dog is suffering from the liver diseases, then you should visit the vet for its proper treatment.

Causes and symptom of Liver disease in boxer dogs;

Liver disease in dogs can be caused by chronic hepatitis, abdomen injury, anemia, virus, bacteria, fungus, pancreas inflammation, anemia and heart disease. All these causes change the blood flow, and as a result, your dog has to face the liver problem.
When it comes to the symptom of liver disease in dogs, lethargy, and depression and always on the top of the list. Some other main symptoms include vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, urination, excessive taking the bloating eatable items and fewer cravings.

When the liver disease goes on the advanced stage, usually because of late reorganization and treatment, then the eyes and skin of your dog become white. In most of the cases the liver disease in dogs can’t easily be detected and as a result, it becomes the main health issue in your dog. If your dog is suffering from the liver problems, then you should visit the vet for the complete treatment.

Treatment options;

common Diseases in boxer dogsTreatment of Liver Diseases in dog totally depends upon its cause. The more severe the Diseases will be, the more it will take time to deal up. For example, if Liver disease in your dog is normally caused by trauma, then you should hospitalize your dog till complete recovery.

On the other hand, if Liver Disease in your dog is happened because of bacteria or any other virus then you shouldn’t hospitalize your dog because this condition will have to be easily heal up by following some tips and by adjusting the quantity of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates to your beloved pet diet.

Cushings diseases in boxer dogs;

Cushing’s disease in dogs are very common, but I will explain it main causes, the common signs, and which tips are best to treat them.
Causes and symptom
Cushings disease normally affects the small breed, older dogs. The main signs of this disease are excessive drinking and urinating. Many dogs’ skin conditions become changes, hair loss, increased appetite, and excessive panting.

Due to the increased drinking, some dogs have to face diabetes, kidney and liver disease and all of them are considered to be the negative points for your dogs. The second most common cause is a tumor on the pituitary gland. A small percentage of small and older are normally caused by a tumor. In these cases, you have to visit your vet for the proper treatment of your dog.


For diagnosing the low dose dexamethasone suppression test is normally by your veterinarian. This test gives you the 90% accurate report. After performing this test, the level of blood cortisol of your dog shouldn’t be dropped by 8 hours.

The identification of Cushings disease is very important because treatment for every type is totally different. If Cushings disease is present in your dog is present in your dog is present to 50%, then the chances are there that your dog needs surgery for its removal. Otherwise, in the case of other medical options, you can opt for the other treatment options.
With the details mentioned above, you get to know that what exactly the Cushings disease in dogs, what are the causes of it, plus how to treat them properly. The best test for its recognition is the low dose dexamethasone suppression test, which gives the 90% accurate result.

Periodontal diseases in boxer dogs;

When it comes to the periodontal diseases in boxer dogs, they are considered to be totally irreversible but can be prevented easily. This disease starts when the accumulated bacteria and food particles become together. To prevent the periodontal disease, it is important to remove the plaque. Periodontal disease often affects the older dogs. This disease normally eliminates by giving healthy diet and enhance the grooming habits of your dog. Every dog owner is advisable to visit his dog to the vet for proper treatment.
Causes and symptom

All the symptoms of Periodontal diseases include gums that bleed easily, make the breath bad, make the pus in the opposite direction of the tooth, less appetite, drooling, sensitivity or pawing round the mouth, make the gums red or inflamed, depression, eating or chewing trouble, less teeth, or stomach upsets or digestion problems. If your dog is suffering from one or two of these signs or symptoms, then you should consult to the vet immediately.


A pre-surgical examination is a main step to identify the main cause of this disease. For the identification of this disease, you can also take your dog for the dental test. This test will help you to review the dog’s health and determine any problem. Once you valuate the main causes of it, you can go for the proper treatment process. If you are one of those dog owners who have to encounter these type of diseases to your dog, then you should consult to the vet for proper information on how to solve this condition.

Scheduled procedure;

After being identified the main issue, a scheduled procedure will be made for your pet dog, which includes antibiotics for some days to limit more problems. During the treatment procedure, you don’t have to worry if your dogs will be checked or monitored by the doctor closely.

Regular checkups;

Regular checkups, monitoring, and assessment of the oral health is advisable for the dog to eliminate this disease. If your dog needs a proper treatment for this disease, then you have to take him for the teeth’s regularly checkup for four to six weeks. While if your dog is not suffering from this disease, then dog owners are still advisable to take their pet dogs for their oral health two to four times each year to help them from preventing this disease.

Heartworms diseases in boxer dogs;

Dogs are the perfect hosts for heartworms though over 30 species of animals can be affected by this parasite. In the wild, foxes, coyotes, wolves, sea lions and other species are victims, and even humans can be invaded by this predator. Domestic cats and ferrets are not immune to heartworm, but dogs seem to be the most heavily infested species.

Cause and Symptoms of Heartworm Disease in boxer Dogs;

Heartworm Disease in Dogs is very common. This disease brings into being when a mosquito carries the larvae bites to the dog and inserts the infection.
Fewer signs of heartworm disease in dogs are the low numbers of the worms in their body, high exercise activity, and a mild case of cough, which can be easily prevent by the high energy exercise or vet consultation.

The other Symptoms of this disease are a severe cough, lack of tolerance during exercise, breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness once he will complete the activity and develop the extended abdomen which is normally caused by the fluid retention. The veterinarian visit will help you to detect the main Symptoms of Heartworm Disease and recommend you the tips to treat it in a better way.

Testing for Heartworm Disease;

A routine health check is not only enough to identify the presence of heartworm disease in your dog. Increasingly, veterinarians also recommend the in-house antigen test to detect the presence of heartworm. One blue line on a test strip represents that your dog is suffering from the heartworms Disease. If the test doesn’t show the blue line, then it means that the chances of Heartworm Disease in your dog are less or may be light. In the case of medium or dark blue the severity of Heartworm disease in high.

Lyme diseases in boxer dogs;

Lyme diseases in boxer dogs are responsible for wide range of problems in your dog. For example, this disease is responsible for heart damage, kidneys damage, or joints damage if you unchecked this disease. Dogs who live in southern states, northeastern states, California, and Mississippi, get a victim of this disease rapidly. However, if your dog can live in any part of the United States, then the chances are there that he get a victim of this disease.

Cause of Lyme diseases in boxer dogs;

Want to know that what are the main causes of this disease? This disease is conveyed via tick bite, but the bacteria of this disease can’t be transferred to another dog immediately. As this diseases attached to your dog within one or two days.

Symptoms of Lyme disease;

If your dog gets a victim of this illness, then there are many symptoms of it. The main symptom of this disease in dogs are limping. Although at first, the vet is totally unable to detect this symptom. This disease becomes noticeable as it gets progress. Other famous symptoms include engorged lymph nodes, less appetite, and fever.

Diagnosis of Lyme disease;

For diagnosing Lyme disease veterinarian’s first check the medical history of your dog and discuss the main symptoms of him. The symptoms of this disease appear in dogs suddenly, which helps the veterinarian’s to diagnose the Lyme disease. Detection of the Lyme disease can also be done by the veterinarians through a blood test.

Treatment of Lyme disease;

Once you diagnose the Lyme disease in your dog, now it’s time to treat it as soon as possible. If you don’t Treatment the Lyme disease, chances are there that it will damage your dog’s joints and nerves on a permanent basis. Antibiotics are considered to be the preferred method to treat this disease.

You should give the doctor recommended drugs to your dog for at least three weeks. In the case of excessive pain, you should consult with the veterinarian immediately. Although the treatment of Lyme disease lasts for three weeks, your dogs will start feeling better in some days. However, the chances are there that this disease may recur to your dog after some month or weeks. In this scenario, you have to start the course of antibiotics again.

Kidney Diseases in boxer Dogs;

The main purpose of your dog kidneys are toxic elimination and to keep up the perfect balance of chemicals in the blood. Your dog becomes a victim of Kidney disease when the organ of his body not able to function properly. Kidney Disease normally comes in two forms.

Types of Kidney Disease;

Acute or chronic are the two forms of this disease. The first version occurs unexpectedly, and sometimes its main causes are permanent damage. All types of Dogs become the victim of the acute kidney disease. As well as the Chronic Disease is concerned, it is not that much liberal and develops in your dog in a slow manner. This version normally effects to older dogs.

Causes of Kidney Disease;

Many things can cause kidney disease in dogs. Ingestion of toxic substances such as antifreeze or rat poison is a common reason. Medical conditions such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, and heart disease also increase the risk. Kidney function will naturally decline with age, so aging also plays a role.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease;

There are many symptoms of this Disease, but increased drinking and urination are the two main common Symptoms of this Disease. Dehydration is also responsible for this disease problem. Other common signs of kidney disease are less appetite, diarrhea, weak muscle, dirty teeth, and mouth ulcers.

Diagnosis of Kidney Disease;

If your dog is suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. After investigating the dog’s blood and urine, the veterinarian will recommend an x-ray, ultrasound, and kidney biopsy. For identification of Kidney Disease, a Kidney biopsy is considered to be the most effective method.

Treatment of Kidney Disease;

To treat kidney disease in dogs, you have to consult to the veterinarian’s first. You should take the fluids to your dog to remove toxic wastes from his blood. If this tip doesn’t work for your dog, then you should take your dog for a proper checkup.
Unfortunately, if your dog is suffering from the chronic version, then it is totally incurable. You can follow the treatment, special diet and excessive water to slow down the development of this disease in your dog.

Addison’s diseases in boxer dogs;

Addison’s diseases in boxer dogs also known as the hypoadrenocorticism, but it is not considered to be the very common disease in dogs. The main cause of this disease is hormones underproduction from the adrenal glands. Just like the human beings, production of hormones is also important for the dogs. But what this disease is all about and what are the main causes of it?


Two main reasons are responsible for the hypoadrenocorticism. First of all, immune system problem as it damages the adrenal gland. Second, the pituitary gland is responsible for this disease because it stimulates the adrenal glands for the production of hormones in dogs. If pituitary gland doesn’t perform this function, then the development of hypoadrenocorticism get increased.


Just like the Humans dogs also get affected with this disease. The symptoms of Addison’s disease in dogs are totally same as the humans. Just because of the slow fabrication, you may notice the symptoms of this disease in dogs after sometimes. Common symptoms of hypoadrenocorticism comprise of vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, and hair damage. In the case of Vomiting, it may happen that your dog faces dehydration. Other common signs include bloody stool, abdominal pain, depression, trembling, and imbalance heart rate.


Unfortunately, veterinarian’s sometimes get failed to diagnose this disease accurately. This is because the symptoms of kidney failure and hypoadrenocorticism have the same signs. To determine this disease perfectly, the veterinarian normally injects the pituitary hormone in your dog. If the adrenal gland answers back by producing hormones, then it means that your dog is affected by this condition. Otherwise, if this doesn’t respond, then your dog is not affected by this condition.

Treatment of hypoadrenocorticism;

According to the details mentioned above, you get to know that the production lack of adrenal hormones is considered to be the main issue of Addison’s disease in boxer dogs. Therefore, the best treatment is hormone replacement. This treatment can be done VIA injection or orally. The treatment of this disease can also be done VIA hormone supplements.

Skin diseases in dog;

Some skin diseases in the dog are called by the name of autoimmune diseases. But the good thing about this disease is that you can cure it in a short time. You shouldn’t have to spend so much money on the treatment of skin disease. The main of skin diseases in boxer dogs include; – Injuries, burns, Ectoparasites, Toxins, congestion of internal elimination organs, Metabolism, shortage of diseases, hormonal complaints, medications Damage caused, diet-related disorders, Allergies, reactions, and nervousness.

Gum Disease in Dogs;

You should take care of the dental condition of dogs. It is a very important issue for every responsible dog owner. For the correct dental care, you should take your dog to the dentist on the fixed appointment. If you are failed to take your dog on the fixed appointment date, them the monthly check up to the professional veterinarian is very important for the dog’s health.

If you fail to look after the teeth of your dog, then the issue of Gingivitis will upsurge, which is the main reason for your dog’s bad breath. It may happen that your dog has to face the gingivitis signs. In this condition, the gums of your dog get swelled and painful. In this condition, you should visit your vet to solve this problem.

Tooth decay symptoms;

The chances are there that your Dog has to face the tooth decay if you don’t take your dog for the regular checkup. If your dog is suffering from the bad breath and gums bleeding, then it is a sure thing that your dog is suffering from the tooth decay problem. It also indicates that your dog teeth have started losing. If you don’t pay attention to the symptoms and keep them untreated, then the bacteria production in the gums may also be responsible for the heart damage, lungs, kidney and shorter lifespan of your dog.

Tooth decay treatment;

Brushing is the main and inexpensive treatment of Tooth decay because the outside teeth don’t require much attention than the rest of teeth’s. Brushing with the toothpaste that is specifically meant for pets should be your dog’s daily habit. It will not only ensure the good dental health of your dog but also save your money on veterinary bills.

Food habits;

Your dog’s food habits play an important role in their dental care. Don’t give too hot or too cold food to your dog, because it will be responsible for the teeth damage. Your preference should be the moderate temperature food. To set the proper food routine of your dog, you should consult with the veterinarian.
As a responsible dog owner you should realize the significance of dog’s dental care, on the other hand, it is pretty essential. Any tooth disorder will be dangerous for your dog, so Routine checks are must to stop the health problems of your dog.

To conclude, all above-mentioned diseases in boxer dogs are serious, but on the other hand, it is totally incurable. All of the above-mentioned diseases often affects older dogs and indirectly declining the life of a dog. Apart from the above-mentioned Diseases in boxer dogs, you should keep one thing in your mind that your dog also has the heart like you, so to keep it healthy it is important to follow the effective tips and regular veterinarian’s visit. To prevent the Ways to prevent heart diseases in boxer dogs you have to serve the natural foods that should be free from all sort of fats, sugars, and extra salt.

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