What is the definition of Boxer Tails Docking?

One of the buzz words for the dog owners are Docking Boxer Tails. All right, so, what does it mean? It is legal or not?

Definition of Docking Boxer Tails;

boxer tail dockingDocking, a process in which a dog’s long tail is changed to small tail, so it can stand in the erection form. It can be done VIA two ways. The first method is all about cutting off the tail blood flow through the usage of a special rubber band that is placed in a tight manner so that the blood cannot reach till the tail; thus small tail can eventually get simply.
Tail cutting is the second method. In other words, it is normally called as the ‘surgery’ in which a specific tail portion is normally cut off. In this procedure anesthesia is not allowed to give and just because of this reason this procedure is recommended to be done at the age of 3 days old.

Docking Boxer Tails is important or not?

Long ago, the docking procedure is normally preferred to prevent rabies and to increase the running speed of dog; however after sometimes it is considered to be totally false. After that docking is now preferred to prevent the damaged tail. But on the other hand, there is no specific theory that shows the importance of Docking.

Do people recommend Docking or not?

Docking is being done from many generations; many people are for it to make the dog tails good and weight free. Docking is the debatable topic among those people who is in favor of it and to those who are against to it. In reality, Docking is illegal in some countries, and the nations never recommended others to do it. Apart from the health and breeding issues, some people believe that for the Boxer look it is important that the boxer dog should have the docked tail and cropped ears.

People who prefer the docking, commands that their dogs look stronger, powerful, intimidating using the docked appearance. If you have a dog with the natural tail, or you have the dog who have the natural long tails, or your puppy is newborns, then you have to think about this procedure and trust me, after sometime you will feel proud of your decision. When it comes to the requirements of the dog show, some clubs considered it important, but other clubs doesn’t consider it as the important requirement.

What is the perfect time to done the Docking?

Many owners prefer the procedure of dock for their puppy very early, even within some days of being born. Some owners who think about to give their puppy to any other person until the age of 8 weeks, doesn’t prefer the docking process. Although this is dangerous to some extent if a Boxer puppy is of 12 weeks old. But if have thought about docking, then you should do it without anesthesia.

If you are living in the states where Docking is legal, then you should do it at any age. However, the more your dog will be older, the more time he will take for the recovery process. Also, if your dog is used of his tail, then he will sufficient time to comprehend the amputated body part.
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To which extend the Tail of Boxer should be Docked?

While not any specific rule is fixed for it. Some people prefer to dock the tail till 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)you’re your puppy is undergoing from the adult age, then it is recommended to dock the 1-inch tail. For example, if you prefer the tail of your adult to be 3 inches, then you should dock the tail of your pup to a length of .75) inches to 1.9 cm). According to many Boxers, it is totally appropriate to dock the tail to three inches, but some of them recommend that it is totally ok to bleed the tail till 3.2 inches.

Legitimacy and Banning;

The docking tails laws are complicated because this procedure changes with time to time. Many people think that ear cropping and tail docking is same, but others don’t think in this way. Though, docking is illegal in many countries, because they don’t consider it appropriate to dock the tail of their Boxer puppies. In many countries, tail docking is totally banned, but it is not unlawful to purchase a docked tail puppy.

Punishment of docking Boxer’s tail;

It may be astonishing for you that some countries fixed the fine or punishment for docking a Boxer’s tail because in these countries it is totally illegal.

For example, in Australia, you have to pay the $5,000 ($4882 USD) for docking the tail. If a dog owner doesn’t feel it guilty, they the fine becomes high to $27,500 ($24,411 USD).
In some countries tail docking is totally legal include:


In some provinces of Canada for example, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island it is not banned.


In the Czech Republic docking is not banned, but ear cropping is fully banned.

Costa Rica

In France docking is not banned, but ear cropping is fully banned.
Other countries where docking is allowed are Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico and the United States
Countries, where tail docking is considered illegal, include Australia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand and the UK. In some UK states, it is totally banned, but others permit you to do it.

Risks regarding Tail Docking;

This procedure offers many risks. For example, neuroma, nerve tumor, tail pain to the tail and intolerance to touched there.

According to some studies, some dogs emotionally attached to their dog tails because they love to wag it, so by docking, you can make your dog unskilled for interact with other dogs humans with confidence
To conclude, if your pup is newborn, then Docking Boxer Tails procedure contributes the unlimited time to understand that his tail is cut off.

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