Few Simple Tips on Boxer Dog Summer Care

Want to know how to do Boxer Dog Summer Care? In this article, I’ll suggest you five basic dog health and care tips that not only keep your dog healthy but also keep you away from the summer heat.

Water intake;

Just like the humans, proper water intake is also important for the dog, so you should carefully check the drinking bowl of your dog on the regular basis. It is important that you shouldn’t give cold or freeze water to your dog. They should be careful about the thing that the water bowl of your dog filled with the water all times. In winter days and nights you have to get ready the proper warm bedding for your dog rest.

boxer dog summer care
Short toenails;

For the summers short toenails are best but don’t make it too short. As well as the fur is regard, short version of it is best for the summers, but for the winter season, you should keep it long because it helps him to keep warm. If your puppy is Small, then short fur is very bad idea because it is difficult for the puppies to tolerate the extremely cold weather.

Dog paws washing;

When it comes to the Boxer Dog Summer Care, washing of the dog paws is very important. This process stays away from your dog from consuming the road salt chemicals. If your dog is used to of road walking, then you should wash his feet on returning home. For this purpose, dog booties are also the best idea. In the case of short dog hairs, you can hide him in a coat to inhibit hypothermia. Dog booties are easily accessible from the pet shops at the sale price.


If your dog is Senior in age, then you should be careful about his obesity because it can lead to many diseases. Older dogs have need of fewer calories in their diet because they are used to of the less activity and their metabolism changes with time to time. It is best that you consult to your vet about dietary requirements of your senior dog to avoid weight gain.

We all know that diet play an important role to keep your dog slim and smart. Make sure that your dog diet is quality based and dry. Stop giving low quality to your dog because it is free from the important nutrition’s and responsible for stomach trouble for your dog. Escape foods for your dog are; chocolate, white sugars, raw fish, pork, bones, coffee, garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Make sure that your dog takes plenty of water every day in the summer especially.

Comfortable temperature;

As compared to the younger counterparts, older dogs are totally failed to regulate the temperature of their body. So, you should keep them at the comfortable temperature and provide more water in the summer.

Keep your dog in car;

Do you have any plan to visit the market? Then keep your dog in the car. Hot days means hot temperatures, so chances are there that your dog becomes ill very quickly. If the temperature is more than the 100, then keep your dog inside the car. In the absence of AC, you can roll down the windows of the car to make the summers comfortable for your dog.

Safe backyard;

If your dog is vegetation, then you should keep your backyard safe from the toxins. Always use the organic fertilizers, but before usage read all labels. Bugs may create a problem for you, so keep the keep the bath and drinking water clean. Additionally, you should keep all the water gathering and mosquitoes raising places safely.


Bath and swimming are the best way to keep your dog cool in the summer season. Swimming is also considered to be the exercise, and it also fun for the dog. But if your dog loves swimming, then you should keep the pool free from all sort of chemicals because it can be dangerous for your dog.

Additionally, your dog should know how to swim. If your dog loves to do swimming on the beach, then you shouldn’t permit your dog to intake the salty water, because it would result in poisoning. Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen on your dog nose in the case of outdoor swimming.


Just like the human beings, dogs also feel stress. The best way to overcome the stress of your dog is to take him on the vacations. But make the travel comfortable for your dog in the summer season. Don’t forget to stop at the restaurant to relief your dog and he can take fresh water. On the highways, you will find many rest areas that are specifically made for the dog. Never leave your dog along during the Travel.

Say no to discomfort;


It is important that you think through about the signs of anxiety or discomfort of your dog. Behavior changing is also the main sign that he is not comfortable with the atmosphere and food. In this situation, you have to discover the solution to solve the problem. For the Boxer Dog Summer Care, Vet visits are very important. These visits keep you informed that your dog is suffering from any disease or not. Regardless of the season, a dog always needs love and Care. For every dog is it an important aspect that his owner loves him and give the attention.

Shave off Hair;

Does your boxer dog be hairy? Then you should shave off his hair during the summer time. Shave will not only reduce the burden from him them but also reduce the stress and he will feel less hotness. You don’t need to worry about dog’s hair clipping because it will grow back again after some months.


When it comes to the Boxer Dog Summer Care, the above-mentioned things deeply impact on your dog health. The good news is that the summer Care can be easily done at home without spending so much money. By following the proper precautions, then you can keep your dog healthy and happy all summers long. In this article above, I hope that the mentioned techniques would be helpful for you.

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