Boxer Dog Names | Male and Female

Boxer Dog Names

Are you looking to name your boxer dog? Naming is such a process which is quite interesting. All the members of the family suggest a number of names for the new offspring. Even, sometimes people start thinking about the name of the upcoming little soul before its arrival. No matter, either the name is decided … Read more

How Much Food should a Boxer Eat?


Every dog breed requires a careful attention to their feeding patterns, and boxer dogs require no less attention. They require more specialized treatment. Because of their size and their health risks, boxers have to be fed a specific diet on a carefully timed schedule. Be it an Adult boxer dog or a puppy, it important to … Read more

Essential guidelines on the topic of Boxer Dog Winter Care

Boxer dog winter care

Are Winters around the corner? Are you concerned about Boxer Dog Winter Care? In this article I’ll share some essential tips on pet winter care. Stop shaving; Shaving off your pets is a good idea during the summer season, but not in the winter season. Because hairs provide protection against icy weather naturally. If your … Read more

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