Boxer Dog Weight issues

Dog weight is directly associated with his health. The excessive weight of dog can not only produce health conditions for him but also responsible for unlimited serious consequences. In this article, we will check out the main Boxer Dog Weight Issues and What to Do about Them?

Is your dog obese?

It is important to find out that your dog is obese or not? If your dig weight is 15% more than its breed’s weight, then your dog is overweight. If you see in your surroundings, then you will find out that more than 15% of dogs are suffering from the obesity issues.

What is the main difference between the weight and Size?

Boxer Dog Weight issuesOver and under-size leaves a deep impact on the weight issue. The breed standard normally tells us the general size of the Boxer is, but on the other hand, it varies on the individual dog. So, before forcing your dog for losing the weight, you have to decide that you wants to lose its weight or you are concerned about his body structure.

Puppies weight Vs Adult weight;

As a sincere dog owner, I’m sure that you are much concerned about puppy fat. Keep one thing in mind that puppies don’t take the time to grow rapidly and also gain weight rapidly. During the growth procedure, everything from length to height and weight gets increased. And gain weight directly links to a lot of changes.

According to the rough approximation, at the age of 1.5 years, the dog increased his height, after next six months the chest area become wider. Weight loss diets not appropriate for the Puppies, because during the growth procedure dog needs good nutrition, healthy foods to keep up the developing procedure and for the muscles maintenance.

What makes a dog overweight?

Overweight is the combination of many factors. It includes:
Free feeding.
For dog feeding, one specific month is fixed. During this month dog is allowed to eat whatever he wants. This month leads the dog to overweight issues. However, excess food intake also responsible for the Bloat issue, which further leads to the fatal condition.

Manufactured foods;

Manufactured and processed foods have zero nutrients and full of calories. When a dog consumes these sort of foods, he tends to put more weight because he doesn’t receive any needed nutrients.

Decreased Physical Activity;

Regardless of the weather, you should stick your dog to the regular walks. Decrease physical activity is the main reason of gaining weight over time.

Boxer Dog Weight issues;

Dysplasia, joint issues, and osteoarthritis;
According to many people, it is pretty ok that their dog is a little “chubby, ” but they don’t know that overweight weight leads to serious health problems. Dysplasia, joint issues, and osteoarthritis are the main two serious issues that are related to the obesity. Keep one thing in your mind that the more your dog will be heavier, the more will be put up on his joints, which is the painful act.

Heart disease and diabetes;

Besides from the above-mentioned health risks, overweight dogs also suffers from the heart disease and diabetes. Both of them are the serious weight-related issues. It has also shown that after losing weight, the symptoms of these two diseases also stop showing.

Tips to overcome Boxer Dog Weight issues;

If your pet is suffering from the excessive weight issues, then it is advisable to follow the below-mentioned tips.

Visit Your Veterinarian;

Sometimes, weight gain can be handled by the dog owner, so it is advisable to rule out the option of self- handling your dog’s obesity. The best thing is that no medicine has been made which solve your dog’s weight problem, it can only be handled with the help of diet and exercise regime. Once you visit the vet, he will tell you which foods is good and bad for your dog. With a little effort, you can save your dog from the obesity issue and make him fit and healthy.


Boxer Dog Weight issuesExercise is the best way to deal with the obesity, so increase the physical activity of your dog. Exercise activity doesn’t only helps the dog to lose the weight, but it is also the fun activity. To start losing weight, it is important that your dog is used to of the physical exercise.
Keep one thing in your mind that the Exercise duration totally depends upon on the things that how much weight your dog wants to lose. In other words, if your dog weight is less, then it is recommended to do the less exercise. But on the other hand, if your dog weight is more, then you should force him to cover the great distance. Moreover, exercise also depends upon the dog’s age and joint problems. While in any condition it is important that you’re pet follow the good workout on a daily basis


Diet is also a good approach to overcome the Boxer Dog Weight issues. There are many foods that are specifically designed to control the weight. You can get these from the pet grocery stores, but before purchasing ensure that you consult with the Veterinarian, as, he can give you best advice.
However, weight control foods are expensive than ordinary, but, it will be beneficial for your dog.

Weight reducing foods for your dog are dairy product, cottage cheese, plain yogurt; blotted free vegetables, grain, meat; and water. Just like the exercise, Diet totally depends upon the thing that how much weight your dog wants to lose. Remember, weight reduction process is not an overnight process, besides this process is slow and steady. If your dog wants to see improvement in his weight within few months, then he should lose follow the proper diet and exercise routine.

How many calories does your Boxer dog need to reduce weight and maintain?

If your Boxer dog is suffering from the Adult period, then his main requirement is 40 calories per pound to maintain his body weight. For example, if your Boxer weight is 22.68 kilograms, then he needs 2000 calories per day to maintain his weight.
We have discussed Boxer Dog Weight issues in this article. But, on the other hand, it is possible to overcome these issues by minimizing the diet and maximizing the activity level.

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