Boxer Dog Calorie Requirements

Good boxer owners are always curious to know, how many calories are burnt every day by their boxers, so they could know their food requirement. In fact, this is a reality, most of the boxer keepers are totally unaware, as how many calories are needed by their boxer on daily basis. What happens at the end? Sometimes, the boxer becomes plump and gains more weight and sometimes, it becomes weak and sluggish. Are you also confused, if you are feeding rightly to your boxer puppy or boxer? You are in doubt rightly. Your boxer deserves suitable amount of calories daily.

The importance for the knowledge of calories for boxer dog;

Boxer Dog Calorie RequirementsThis is important for any boxer dog owner to get the knowledge about the calories for boxer dog. Feeding with low calories diet is not the perfect science for the proper growth of the boxer dog. If you are thinking and acting upon this sole parameter, then you’re incorrect. As you are well aware of the fact, the boxer dog is an athlete dog which feels satisfactory, if it is met with its exercise and sport needs.

In this case, the metabolism function is fast and the boxer dog needs some appropriate fats to be added in its daily diet. These fats actually improves it’s metabolically function and they also deliver some calories to the drilling boxer dog. So for the boxer dog’s efficiency, it is also essential that good digestible fat is also provided. It is all about keeping balance.

Calories for boxer puppy;

When you have a boxer puppy, it is definite that it is passing through a fast growing age. Sufficient amount of daily calories intake by the boxer puppy is a positive sign which plays a vital role in its physical and mental growth. During the first 4 months, it is always valuable, if the boxer puppy is provided with maximum calories and milk. Then, the early youth days are started for your boxer dog, so some solid material should also be added in its diet. This is a sensitive period, when your boxer puppy is getting interacted with new and strange intake. Slowly,

it will get used to this. The best way is to go with household cooking material. This factor should be kept in mind by the owner, in this phase the metabolism function is super active and until your boxer puppy reaches the age of 2 years, it can experience some rapid growth eruptions, so its body will insist for more calories. It is suggested, the amount of calories to be determined with the weight of your boxer pup.

As its body size is increased, it requires more amount of calories. 55 calories for 1 pound weight is good formula and if your boxer puppy is of 10 lbs, it will require 550 calories and after gaining the weight up to 20 lbs, it will need approximately 1100 calories and so on. However 20-30% margin can be kept for maintaining flexibility in accordance with the need.

Calories for your boyish boxer puppy;

When the puppyhood of your boxer puppy ends, it is entered in its boyish period which lasts till it becomes fully adult. From 16 months to 24 months, the young boxer dog will endeavor to attain a stable weight and this period might not be easy as the body of young dog is rapidly passing through many modifications and developments.

So the calories amount can be expeditiously changed as well. Normally, in this phase, the young boxer’s body is apparently very angular and bony. With the passage of time, it obtains all muscles and fats are also added to its body. So the amount of calories in this critical period should be enhanced a bit and once your boxer dog ends up its boyhood and becomes fully mature, you should go for other food guidelines.

Calories for the adult boxer dog;

The size and physique of the adult boxer dog is of paramount importance for making calculation of the induction of calories in its daily diet. It is also good for managing an effective control over the calories. The larger the body of your adult boxer dog, it will require more calories. If your adult boxer dog is keeping a good walk momentum and is involved in different gaming activities, then it will burn more calories. There is estimation, an adult boxer dog, if it performs 1-2 times for walk daily and it also plays different sports, and then 20-30 calories per pound of its weight will be suitable.

The statistics in calories are also changed with the growing in age. If your boxer dog is having a weight of 55 lbs then 1360 to 1670 calories are good enough. Similarly, if it is having a weight of 65 lbs, then 1620 to 1975 calories should be provided to it. In case of your boxer dog is attaining 75 lbs. weight then 1865 to 2225 calories will deem fit to it.  For boxer dog breed, the male dogs weight normally 65 to 70 pounds, while the boxer bitches weigh in between 55-60 pounds range.

Calories for an old-aged boxer dog;

In the old age, still it is essential for the boxer dog owner to be aware, how many calories are needed for the dog to maintain its weight. Some old-aged boxer dogs are still active and some become lethargic and get tired soon. If the required calories are not met properly, then the dog will become weak and apathetic. What a boxer owner requires keeping a constant check on its boxer dog in old age.

In some cases, it is also observed, some boxer dogs also gain weight due to imbalance. Usually, the old-aged boxer dogs will be requiring 25 to 30 calories per pound of body weight. If any old-aged boxer is suffering from some diseases and due to which it is unable to perform regular exercises, still it will need at least 25 calories per pound for the body and necessary food ingredients inclusive of minerals and fats should be added in its diet.

What we need? A constant check on taking in calories;

From the abovementioned facts, you being an owner of a boxer dog should have got a clear idea, the calories intake should be checked constantly and any negligence will cause any instability in your boxer dog. By taking following steps for calories control, your boxer dog will be in a fit position to retain its protected and healthy lifestyle.

Maintain a Boxer dog’s calories calculator chart;

It is recommended, for the sustainable healthy life of a boxer dog, you should maintain a chart in which you are regularly incorporating the age, weight, activities and calories quantities. In case of any unusual happening, you will be in a better position to make alteration in the calories intake accordingly.

Quality of food is really vital;

We have also described it earlier and in other articles, the quality of food plays the most vital role in the healthy lifestyle of a boxer dog. If you are relying on fast food or prepared food material from the market, it will not put any substantial impact. Natural and home cooked stuff is best for providing your boxer dog with suitable calories. In case of artificial or junk food material, your boxer dog will not be able to obtain the pure nutrients. In this case, the fats will become prominent on the body of your boxer dog.

Vegetables are also effective in calories control;

Boxer Dog Calorie RequirementsSome vegetables are strikingly helpful in lowering down the extra calories volume in your boxer dog’s body. All useless chunks caused due to extra meat will be absorbed with the vegetables use and the quantity of calories will remain disciplined. Green beans, bell peppers and carrots are good examples in this regard. These are really low-calorie snack which are also good for the teeth of your boxer dog. Some vets even recommend cold carrots for teething puppies so the irritation caused in this period could be kept away.

Carrots are also a spectacular source of the pro-vitamin ‘Beta Carotene’ which can be further transformed into Vitamin ‘A’. Beta carotenes are especially helpful to counter the cancer risks. Carrots also have vitamin ‘C’. Broccoli is also good for calories control and it also has vitamins A, C, D and beta carotene, broccoli contains folic acid, fiber, chromium and calcium.

Always make sure, before adding the vegetables in the diet of your boxer dog, those are washed up and cleaned thoroughly and are cut into bite-size chunks before feeding them. Cucumbers can be an excellent choice for overweight dogs, as they have no carbohydrates, fats, or oils and are even good to enhance the energy level of your boxer dog.

Fresh fruits are also fruitful for calories control;

Boxer Dog Calorie RequirementsWe have elaborated in detail in our article related to suitable fruits for boxer dogs, the fresh fruits as they contains many minerals and abundance of water, so they keep the boxer dog healthy. They also help the dog from getting hydrated. Always avoid the artificial food supplements but fresh fruits are really ideal fill-ins. It’s also to be remembered always, fruits are lower in calories than many other eating stuff, but still there are not without calories, so if your boxer dog is having in plenty,

it can gain weight. So the key factor is keeping the balance in food. The fruits are good for calories but also contain many antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and many other diseases. Fruits should be right choice, and in our article ‘Fruits for Boxer dog’, we have mentioned the ideally best fruits for the boxer dog breed.

We must avoid the inorganic and artificial fruits stuff available in market and also the pits and skins of some fruits should be removed before feeding to your boxer dog. Boxer dog doesn’t have such enzymes to destroy the cellulose walls (the outer layers) that is difficult for digestion.

Misconception about calories for spayed boxer dog;

There is a general misconception among the owners of boxer dogs, if their dog is spayed, then calories requirement can be different.  Neutering or spaying of a boxer dog will not affect the calories requirement, because the metabolism of such spayed boxer functions normally.

If you are reducing the food quantity, it will put negative results actually. Some good food supplements are available, if you feel confusion for the calories requirement of your spayed dogs, as they contain the correct nutrients and amount of right calories.

Weight gain and loss and calories for boxer dog;

If you find symptoms of weight gain or loss in your boxer dog, then the best thing is to consult with a vet before making any change in the diet plan of your boxer dog. In case, your boxer dog is gaining weight, still the confirmation should be taken from a vet and there will be some medical checks to assure there is not any serious health issue.

And if the weight gain is detected, then the activities of the boxer dog in its routine life to be increased along with gradual minimizing the amount of calorie in food. In case of weight loss of the boxer dog, complete medical examination with essential tests is recommended. If all things are normal, then the amount of fats and calories can be added in its routine food.

Bloat and calories for Boxer dog;

Canine bloat is normally found in the larger breeds of dogs and it is observed in Boxer dogs as well. It can be really dangerous and it is technically known as “Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus” (“GDV”). In this case, the lower stomach or abdominal part can be swelled; even it can occur with or without “volvulus” (twisting).

In this case, lower-carb diet for such boxer dog is suggested which actually help in shrinking and gaining extra weight. The best sources for carbs are considered in potatoes, beans and lentils. If you have appropriately mixed these elements in the food of your boxer dog, you are providing sufficient and required amount of calories for your bloated boxer dog.

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