German shepherd boxer mix

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Boxer and German Shepherd Mix is not a pure breed. If you are planning to buy a Boxer and German Shepherd Boxer Mix then this guide would help you in making the right decision. Find out about the secrets, facts, and personality of this designer dog breed. Let’s address the most common queries such as … Read more

Albino Boxer Dog

albino boxer dog

Boxer, one of the most commonly and likable breed of dogs, are most frequently used as pets. They generally appear in two colors such as brindle and fawn while the remaining boxers which we generally see in our surroundings are different shades of these dogs. This highly energetic and powerful breed of dogs also appears … Read more

Pocket boxer dog

pocket boxer dog

Who does not wish to have a brilliant pet in their home with whom they can relish their special moments of life? Surely, everyone loves to have it. When it comes to the pet, one of the most favorite ones is Boxer dog. There are a number of varieties of a boxer dog and when … Read more

Red boxer dog

Red boxer dog

A number of color tones are shared by fawn boxers. Extensive range of colors shared by fawn boxers includes yellow or light tan, dark honey blonde, mahogany, reddish tan and stag/deer┬áred. Red boxer dogs are basically the boxer dogs which are rich in color and seems to be red. In the Europe and UK, one … Read more

Grey Boxer Dog

grey boxer dog

Dogs are not merely pets, but indeed an important part of the family. All members of the family have great love and care for their dogs. Children love to play with them after coming to home from their school. Likewise, the owner of the house also seems to take interest in the activities of his … Read more

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