Female Boxer dog

female boxer dog

Muscly and hearty boxers are becoming popular day by day for their jauntiness and cheerfulness. The boxer is a medium-sized dog breed with a short back, glossy skin, and powerful limbs. Boxer dog breed falls under the working-dogs category that was firstly developed in Germany as guard-dogs. The adult male boxer can reach up to … Read more

Important Information About American boxer dogs


Are you thinking of buying an American boxer dog? Then you should read the below mentioned basic info about them to make them right choice. Before buying Finally, ask yourself that why you need this boxer dog? For fun, housekeeping, companionship or for some specific purpose? Body structure; Head is the distinctive feature of these … Read more

UK Boxer dog

UK Boxer dog

UK Boxer dog is very popular dog, but on the other hand, they do have some distinctive behaviors of their own. However, in this article we will discuss the unique behaviors that are normally found in these boxer dogs: Loyalty and Self Confidence; The UK boxer is not only friendly, but also very loyal to … Read more

White Boxer Dogs

white boxer dog

Well many among us are really curious to know about the white fur Boxer dog. An idea is; it has become sort of really rare species as, the breeders have tried to eliminate the natural white skin of this boxer dog, which is the main of its recognition. White Boxers were accepted for registration and … Read more

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