German boxer dog- top 16 Things that you May Not Know About Them

When it comes to the German boxer dog, they are considered to be the most beautiful dog ever. Here are 16 things you may not know about them.


These type of boxer dogs wants appreciation from their owners on giving a superb performance, but on the other hand, their owners dishonor those boxer who gave up!

Longest Tongue!

German boxer dog has incredible 17-inch long tongue, which helps them to eat the food from the bowl with the distance of 13 inches. Apart from that these Boxers are not only beautiful but also fit, happy and healthy. Longest Tongue is the unique feature of them, so isn’t a problem at all.
Additionally, these Boxers have floppy ears and long tails, but some of the owners cropped it. Although this practice is illegal now in Germany and penalized.

german boxer dogHousekeeper;

Boxer dogs became popular in the Germany because people use them as guard and attack dogs.


As compared to other Boxer dogs, these dogs breathe heavily, and loudly and tend to dribble in whole home.

Developing of Boxer dogs;

German boxer dogs, as their names indicate were brought up in Germany and police used them for attacking. When it comes to their build, they are totally different from the American Boxer. For example, they are larger in sizes, and their heads are in square shape than American Boxers’ heads.

Difference between males and females Boxer dogs;

One of the facts about German boxer dog is that their male version is totally different from the females. Female Boxer dogs get hyper easily, and the males are laid back, but both of them behaved with the smaller pets in a good manner and used to of fighting with the larger dog.

Good guard dogs;

As I mentioned above that the Boxer dogs are considered to be the good guard dogs because of their friendly and gentle nature with the people, but on the other hand, they get very rude with the strangers which are very intimidating. In the case of threatened, they don’t hesitate to protect themselves and the human family.

Difficult training;

Due to the strong head, owners feels it difficult to train the German boxer dog, but they behavior is always positive to positive reinforcement due to their loyalty, loving nature and pleasing behavior. They doesn’t like to be punished by their owners for the wrong behavior. Punishment makes the behavior of the Boxers even more badly.

Named as white Boxers;

Due to the white markings on their body German Boxer dogs are called as “white Boxers. Due to not meeting the breed standard, these dogs are unable to receive the full record-keeping, likely to be deaf in most of the cases and inclined to the skin cancer. Although they still considered to be the good pets.

Best circus performer;

Due to the strong, and being energetic, Boxer dogs perform beautifully in the ring circus. In other words, you can say that they are considered to be the popular performers in the circus.

Right food for the German boxer dog;

Having a boxer dog is a challenging responsibility for the dog owners. Just because of this reason they find themselves confused on how to solve the different matters related to their care and food.

When it comes to choosing the right pet food, check out the below-mentioned tips:

Calories amount;

The main factor is to identify that how much calories your boxer dog needs. Unlike puppies, boxer dog needs more calories for their growth and development. The best thing about them is, they also consume energy faster.

Canine size;

Consider the size of your canine. For example, a small boxer dog has different nutritional needs compared to a larger boxer dog. Make sure that the food you select for your dog should be based on the right amount of nutrients to keep them healthy during growing period.

Easy consuming food;

Be mindful that the food items that you choose for your boxer dog should be easily consumed by him. Before shopping the food for him, make sure to check the ingredients that are listed on the packaging. Either way, you can consult to the vet he will recommend you to right eatable items for your dog that would help him for their growth.

High nutrient density;

Your dog food shouldn’t be based on the High nutrient density means that you don’t need to serve the food to your dog in high quantity to meet his nutritional needs. High digestibility, on the other hand, means that your dog only needs a smaller amount of portion to cover up the nutritional needs and growth. You can go for the premium name brand pet food that is easily accessible from the grocery stores. These branded foods also work well for the dogs because they are based on the good quality.

Aggressive behavior of dog;

German Boxer dogs tend to be more aggressive than other types of boxers. In the aggressive mood, they growl, snarl, and even bite the people and animals. Other signs of anger in these dog includes uncovered teeth, crushed ears, straight tail, firm legs, and prickling back hair. In the case of above-mentioned behaviors, you should stay away from your dog.

The main thing is that which things make the boxer dog aggressive? Circumstances or aggressive behavior of their owners? Well, sometimes they get aggressive because of the instinctual behavior of their owners, so you should avoid it. As I mentioned above, that these Boxer dogs are very strong dogs, so they act by their own. Boxers prefer the confident owners who can train them properly, and make the struggle for their maintenance. Be aware that aggression is also responsible for thyroid problems in these boxer dogs.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned facts about German Boxer dogs help you to learn more about them. They are amazing dogs, and my recommendations are always in favor of them if you are looking for a good and family oriented dog.

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