Boxer dog house training

Boxer dog is the best pet dog choice among dog lovers around the globe. They are exceptional, extraordinary and playful companions. They are wonderful family protectors and possess a genuine clownish nature. In addition to their genius, their physical appearances are also tantalizing. But when it comes to the socialization and training methodology of the boxer dog, there are certain important steps, which should be kept in the mind of the boxer dog owners.

Boxer dog house training, historical facts;

Boxer dog house training‘Boxer dog house training’ is a serious subject although it is quite interesting as well. But before going in the details, let us have some historical facts of this amazing dog breed. Boxer dog was actually the result of the cross breeding between German Bullenbeisser and the English bulldog. The main theme was to protect the herds of cattle and create a powerful breed which could also be involved in the activities of hunting some furious wild animals.

Their gigantic look, powerful jaw and dedication made them ideal for this job. After its creation, this stunning dog breed got prominence not only in Europe, but also it became favourite among Americans and ultimately, it spread all over the planet as a loyal partner.

Why house training of a Boxer dog is critical?

Before bringing boxer dog, the boxer dog owner should understand, the house training of boxer is of paramount importance. This adorable animal can face certain difficulties in its life if not properly trained. It is not that difficult, but with few and keen attention, your boxer dog can learn many important things which can be useful throughout its life. It is always better, whether, your boxer is a puppy or a mature dog, and its training should be started right after bringing it at your home. Always remember, this working dog has great eagerness to learn and follow the commands. Just what is required? Read its mind and train the skills accordingly.

Few words about Boxer dog temperament;

Before going to the further details about the ‘Boxer dog house training’, we’ll elaborate precisely in few lines about the temperament of the boxer dog breed. Boxer dogs are generally considered as faithful, skillful, thoughtful, playful and helpful. And obviously above all, they are full of courage and confidence. They love and tend to be socialized and they hate to be confined in a limited place.

They also need necessary exercise and leisure. Although they are usually healthy, but still prone to some harmful diseases, which we have explained in details ‘Boxer dog health issues’. Boxer dogs are not suitable to be kept in extreme climatic conditions. They are ideal for moderate weather and temperatures.

‘House training of Boxer dog’, how to start?

Well, the first step in training your boxer dog at house is to train ourselves. Don’t worry, it not a tough ask. These days, plenty of handy and valuable material is available for the boxer dog training. You can find in form of printed literature about house training of boxer dog from market. But as this is an internet era, many splendid tips of the house training of boxer dogs are available online.

Read books and watch supportive videos in this regard. Then start by preparing yourself and by developing a serious and productive attitude to train your boxer dog. After this, start applying the training techniques one by one and you will find the results. But be sure, you are absorbing these training skills through trust worthy mediums and authentic resources.

Stimulate your boxer dog, instigate him to learn;

Yes, when you are starting to apply the training tactics on your boxer dog, its involvement is significant. As you know, your boxer dog is unique dog breed; it is intelligent and side by side keeps fabulous energy level in itself. Just start gradually and don’t let him/her to feel bored. It will be possible only in the way, if you know the temperament of this dog breed perfectly. Involve with him fully and don’t get fed up of its athleticism. Enjoy and encourage its in-built dynamics and in this way, its energy level will get boosted and it will be starting stimulated.


Tolerate the stubbornness in ‘housetraining of boxer dog;

Boxer dog might be a bit stubborn, especially when it is in its puppyhood but they also keep a sharp with and strong will to learn. Tolerate their moodiness and rigidity, just keep calm, and continue the house training. Very soon, you’ll find, your boxer puppy is developing good behaviors and will start responding to your commands. Just be disciplined and keep giving regular directions, also motivate your cute boxer puppy with motivations by giving delicious rewards and resultantly it will acknowledge you as its master.

Umbilical Cord House Training method for Boxer dog;

Umbilical Cord House Training means, keeping a constant observation on your boxer dog and watching it like a hawk. You have a 6-7 feet long leash attached to your boxer dog and making it familiar with all places of your house. The leash can be connected with your trouser’s belt or around your waist and if you have a young boxer puppy, take it outside after every 2 hours, if it is 2 months old. And when it is of 3 months old, take it out after every 3 hours and continue after every month by increasing hours intervals on the same pattern until it is fully trained.

If you are sitting somewhere, especially in your house, you can tether your boxer dog with some furniture or door to give yourself a break. But always be vigilant, if your female boxer dog is getting ready to squat or the male boxer dog is about to lift its leg, stop him/her to avoid any inside accident. If you have added a suitable crate in this technique and confining your boxer dog in that crate in the beginning, it can bring more beneficial and fruitful results. This small space will train your boxer dog not only in terms of ‘potty training’ but also keeping it away from chewing the household goods.

The usage of ‘Pee pads and potty pads’ for Boxer dogs;

We can never wipe out completely the gravity of the usage of pee pads and potty pads. These can be useful in the beginning but what is needed; your boxer dog should be trained very soon to get rid of this additional exertion.

Good boxer dog owner is always well aware of the toilet times of its dog in the beginning and it must be taught to pee on pads and also to give it enough time to eliminate on it. But once it is starting to understand the direction towards washrooms and using the pads efficiently, the best thing is to get rid of pads usage and train your boxer dog to go outside and avoid washroom use only on few occasions or in case of emergency.

If you are allocating some place for eliminating;

In the ‘housetraining of your boxer dog’, if you have decided to allocate a particular place for your boxer dog, then you should allocate a place of at least 8-9 feet in diameter. And secondly, the place should exist at such point which can be used in all weathers and climate conditions. Other thing in this regard is, the place should not be changed on frequent basis and your boxer dog must fully understand that particular place for the toilet need.

Urinating and eliminating after coming back from outside;

The house trainers of the boxer dogs are sometimes also put before a frequent query that their boxer dog urinates or eliminates right after it stepped in the house after coming back from outsides. These accidents generally occur, if you have brought back your boxer dog and did not give it enough time to eliminate outside.

If you are observing, your boxer is starting to sniff here and there, then it means it is making itself ready for urination or elimination. In this case, if the owner is failed to put any heed or attention to this act, the boxer dog had actually shifted its digested material in the bowled muscles and will do elimination ultimately to get relief.

Motivate your boxer dog by giving it rewards;

Giving delicious and favorite food items as the treat to your boxer dog is the best motivational step in the house training of your boxer dog. If your boxer dog has successfully acted on some command then it should be encouraged and admired. T

his will not only motivate your boxer dog but also strengthen the bond between you and your boxer dog. But rewarding your boxer dog on the right time and occasion is important. You should do it within two to three seconds of the skill you are teaching and if it has followed the same. The best choice of treat type can be of three types: low-, medium- and high-value treats, in shape of its favorite delicacies.

What is the exact timing to take boxer out?

Taking your boxer dog out is definitely known to every boxer dog owner. Commonly, it is taken as the early morning time and taking out before sleeping in the night is the ideal time for taking the boxer dog out. But it is a misconception. In the beginning of house training of the boxer dog, you’ll need to take out the boxer dog after every nap and after ending up of a game activity.

Also it is good, if you are taking it out after finishing up its meal and having some liquid. In this way, their socializing attitude is more developed and they get introduced to new people, neighboring pets and the outside world. Their curiosity thirst is also quenched in this way. Now if this rule is followed well by a boxer owner, then many accidents at homes can also be averted.

When you are not at your home for a longer period;

This is also a distinguished rule as every time you cannot stay at home and sometimes you have to stay outside for a longer time. The best thing is to provide your boxer dog with a sufficient gated are in which it is efficiently playing, sleeping and moving.

Especially if you have confined your boxer dog in a crate, then the boxer dog shall never like to use this place for washroom need. Instead, your boxer dog or boxer bitch shall become frustrated and its anxiety shall increase. If you have planned to move outside, it is better to take your boxer dog outside for a while and also as soon as you come back, the first thing you should do is to take your boxer dog out.

Some other essential steps for ‘house training of boxer dog’

There are some habits particularly associated with the boxer dog breeds. Necessary steps to be taken by good boxer dog owners in such cases. Some examples are given below in this regards;
Stop your boxer dog from jumping up to people; If you train your boxer dog with the abrupt usage of words ‘off’ or ‘down’ at the times, it is jumping up to the people, it will gradually learn to refrain itself from doing so.

Also train ‘Give’ to your boxer dog, when you are feeding it: It is important and will ultimately help out as the guardian of your boxer dog to be selective and stop having something to eat which you provided it unconsciously. Best way it to replace with suitable item as a reward.

Restrain the boxer dog from unnecessary barking: Barking is the main tool through which the boxer dog communicates. So there could be some reason of the barking of your boxer dog. Pay attention and in such way, your boxer dog will not bark unnecessarily.
Give your boxer dog toys and other entertaining stuff: You can get from the market, the toys and other harmless items for entertainment and refreshment. In this way, you will be able to control the chewing habit and train your boxer dog accordingly.

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