Boxer dog Shedding

Shedding in a dog means a process in which a dog loses its old and impaired hair and it is a routine matter in its life. This natural loss of hair allows new hair to appear on a dog’s coat. Majority of dog breeds around the world go through this process and this shedding process vary from breed to breed. When it come to Boxer dog shedding, the boxer dog is considered as a moderate shedder dog breed and it is categorized in between the light and heavy shedding dog breeds. However, the shedding in a boxer dog also depends in accordance with the diet being provided to it.

Is boxer dog shedding different from other breeds;

Boxer dog SheddingNormally, all boxer dogs have a light coat on their skins, however for more understanding, the fur on their coats may vary as some might have thicker fur while some could have slightly thinner. The hair growth and boxer dog shedding process may also be different to some extent in boxer dogs depending upon the environment and their diet.

But generally, Boxers don’t shed a lot and don’t require radical and continuous brushing. There is a consensus among the boxer dog owners, if boxer dogs are kept neat and clean, are given healthy diet and if they drink plenty of water, then they may require brushing after fortnight or even after a month.  Due to lower amount of boxer dog shedding, these dogs are known as the easiest dogs when it comes to grooming.

Fall and Spring – Boxer dog’s hair fall;

Boxer dog shedding normally occurs after every six months during the fall and spring season. It is observed, when summer turns to winter and when winter changes to summer, boxers start shedding. Due to this, majority of them shed in the spring and then again in the fall.

How much extent a boxer puppy sheds?

It is discovered, a boxer puppy sheds with comparatively smaller intervals up to one year and then the amount of shedding is decreased gradually and then it stables at the age of 2 years. There can be variation in the coat’s colour during this period not too much radical but little bit.

The coat of the adult boxer dog might be shadier or bit dimmer. The gleam of the skin might also be changed meagerly. The genes in the puppy also play a significant role in the amount of shedding in a boxer puppy. The European lines might have thickness in their coats, so the chunk of the shedding can be heavier.

Adult boxer dog’s shedding;

As the adult boxer dogs are generally known for non-shedders, as they don’t possess the longer and massive fur on their coats, their coats are looked smart and tight. The coat can be grim in some boxer dogs and some can have soft and silky ones. As mentioned in the above stated lines, adult boxer dogs can shed twice in a year in weather changing occasions.

Diet does matter in boxer dog shedding;

If your boxer dog is having the balanced and healthy diet, then their coat will remain strong and firm. This will also make their skin fresh and tough. But if their diet is lacking the essential proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, then their coat can be unhealthy and weaker.

The abnormality will occur in such boxer dog and the amount of shedding will be increased. So what is needed? Always feed your boxer dog with right food and use nice supplements, if you can afford. Also prefer the home-cooked food for your boxer dog. If the boxer dog is prone to some skin problem or shedding issues, then proper medical treatment is recommended.

Female Boxer dog shedding;

The normal heat cycle results the hormonal changes in a female boxer dog’s body and it can also influence the normal shedding cycle. There is also a trend to de-sex the female boxer dogs (removing the ovaries and uterus), for the female could not come on heat and give birth to puppies. In this case, the amount of shedding may vary. When your female boxer dog is pregnant, its hormones are disturbed, and after delivery, unusual sort of shedding might occur.

Bathing and boxer dog shedding;

Too much bathing is never recommended for the Boxer dogs. Because it dries their sensitive skins and coats. Similarly, if your boxer dog takes bath very rarely, it will make its coat full of dirt and rubbles that are equally damaging for their coats.

So there should be kept balance. It is better; your boxer dog is taking bath after 30-45 days. Sometimes the oatmeal shampoo is also good for a boxer dog bath.

Your Boxer dog requires adequate brushing for normal shedding;

For normal boxer dog shedding, effective grooming and proper brushing are important factors. If this rule is maintained, you’ll not get the annoyance, as your house will remain clean and without dog hair. Good breeders suggest, brushing all over the body of your boxer dog once a week is really important. In this way, all dead hair are thrashed out and the coat stays healthy and smooth.

Do it in a competent manner, in all parts of the boxer’s body. In fact, do brushing in whole skin. Its back, tail and legs should be brushed thoroughly. When it is a shedding period, better not to use older brush. Change it and buy a new one.  A pin-slicker brush is normally suggested for a boxer dog.

How to keep away the shedding hair from homes;

Boxer dog shedding also sometimes creates a mess, especially when you have carpets in your rooms or lounge. Clean your floors and carpets with good and effective brushes or better is to buy good vacuum cleaner.

Healthy food and brushing your boxer on regular basis will definitely also cause lesser cleaning of your homes, making them free from the shedding hair. Also keep your boxer dog away from stress and anxiety and in this way it will feel good and comfortable and abnormal shedding will not appear

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