Boxer Puppy and Dog Whining Issues

Sometimes your boxer dog can have some whining issues. It means, it can create some unusual sounds by making loud noises and those might be high-pitched sometimes. Actually, boxer dog’s vocalization may include various voice patterns. There can be multiple reasons behind whining of boxer dog. Every time we aren’t sure about the moaning and grumbling of boxer dog, but in the most cases, the boxer dog is complaining about something. Even, it is also observed, the boxer dog may continue doing this for many hours. This situation might happen in the puppyhood of the boxer dog as well. Adult boxer dogs can whine also.boxer-puppy-and-dog-whining

Boxer puppy and boxer dog whining issues

We’ll try to explain about the whining issues of boxer dogs and describe both the whining issues of a boxer puppy and adult boxer dog separately. Whining can be different than the usual barking and vocalization of the boxer dog. There can be uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and want/desire of something that force boxer dog to whine.
In normal ways, the vocalization of boxer dog is through its energy or body language but in case of whining, the boxer dog communicates with emotional loudness to express its physical or mental state.

Boxer puppy whining

A boxer lover brings a cute boxer puppy at home with lots of passions and affection. But the boxer puppy can start whining and it can last for many hours, days or even in some cases for weeks. Now this can create real botheration and irritation to the boxer owner and to the family members. The primary reason could be as the boxer pup has come to entire new atmosphere and place and it has left its previous world.

The boxer pup will whine as it was separated from its pack or littermates or from the previous owner for the first time. It might feel apprehension and fear for being abandoned and makes abnormal sounds so it can be rescued. Sometimes, the voices can be really dreadful and the owner feels, something really troublesome is happening to the boxer pup. But you just need to calm down and tolerate this situation. Soon, your boxer pup will get attached and this time of anxious whining will be expired as well.

Let’s understand the whining issues of the boxer pup with more exemplification

The boxer pup is missing its pack:

Yes, if the boxer pup is being separated from its pack and in too young age from its mother and siblings, it will definitely miss its previous lifestyle, although it could be of very short while. Resultantly, the boxer pup will whine for few days as it is feeling melancholy and anguish for this situation.

If your boxer pup is starved or dehydrated – Well, if your box puppy is starving for some food and it is not being met with its full water drinking needs, then it will start whining too. Although you are providing your boxer pup with its food needs, still it is not able to eat comfortably as it is in new environment and situation and feeling stranger in the new place.

In addition to this, the boxer pup will take some time in understanding the dining area and it will adjust after taking few days. What is required in such case; let your boxer puppy feel comfortable and keep its eating zone away from noise and other disturbances. If you have some other pet dog at your home, keep boxer puppy away from its reach. If you will provide him with an area, which is free from any interruption and interference, it will be more satisfying to your boxer puppy.

In case of awkward and agonizing environment – As your boxer puppy is weather sensitive dog breed, extra heat or cold both will add to the agonizing behavior of your boxer pup and it will start whining. It also needs a deserving place where it can sleep, rest and play as it desires. Its bed should also be of good quality and suitable on which its contentment is fulfilled.

Health issues and if boxer puppy is not given proper attention: Sometimes there can be some health issues being faced by your boxer puppy which makes it feel debilitated. Even as it is a social pet, if the pup is not given full attention, it will start whining.

Adult Boxer whining

When it comes to the adult boxer dog, normally the whining can be outcome of following four reasons;
The boxer dog can become sentimental for the fear of separation anxiety; in this case, if your boxer is often contracted with being alone and if it feels separation every now and then, this factor also contributes in developing its whining habit. So it is always good, your boxer dog should not feel solitude and aloneness.

Some disease factors can also cause whining: If your boxer dog is not feeling fit and its health is disturbed. It will also result in whining of your boxer dog and it may be your boxer dog’s way of conveying you that something is wrong.

Whining can also be result of;

if your boxer dog is desirous of your attention and seeking for food or other stuff and every time it’s all demands are achieved, so it will develop a habit of whining on frequent basis. Best way is to pay attention to your boxer dog only when it is quiet. Ignore it whenever he begins to attract you by whining.

It should never be confined for longer periods:

Boxer dog breed is a socialized and playful working dog and it is always good, if it is not crated for longer spans. If kept in such an environment, it will also start whining.

In case of all above mentioned situations or any other, if you are facing boxer dog or boxer pup whining issues, the boxer dog owner must remain calm and emphatic. In most circumstances, the whining is a behavioral problem, in which the best solution is the obedience training of your boxer dog.

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