How much to crop boxer Dog ears

How much to crop Dog ears

Around the globe, dog owners have been following the practice of cropping dog ears. There are many reasons for doing this. Many people want to save the dogs from the over sized ears flapping left and right. Cropped ears look great on dogs. But they have to be done with care and consideration. Make sure … Read more

Boxer dog dry noses Top Symptoms and effective treatments for it

boxer dog dry noses

There are unlimited symptoms of boxer dog dry noses, but it doesn’t indicate that your dog is sick. Sometimes the nose of my dog goes moist to dry situation due to the weather, but it doesn’t means that he is not feeling well. Depression and lethargic are also considered to be the major cause of … Read more

Boxer dog paws

Boxer dog paws

This beauty is known as an enormous and nonpartisan headed dog breed with impressive personality which happily possesses youthful characteristics and sprightly nature! Yes, we are talking about ‘Boxer dog’, ‘ a boy who never grows up!’ The Boxer dog becomes fully adult in the age of 3 years so it means their puppyhood span … Read more

Boxer dog eye boogers- tips for Proper Eye Care


Boxer dog eye boogers are a typical issue. A dog eyes are very touchy and sensitive. Normal guards, for example, eyelashes, tears, and eyelids are not generally enough to shield a puppy’s eyes from soil, tidy and at last disease. Now and again mediation is required to keep a puppy’s eyes working legitimately. A typical … Read more