Boxer Dog Temperament

Boxer Dog Temperament

When a person first time gets acquainted with a Boxer dog, it seems a grandiose and over-blown character. But once the interaction is deeper, boxer is turned on as a real play-mate. The puppy boxer is always a cool rookie, but the adult boxers are also super jocks who are keen for the cake walks. … Read more

Boxer Dog Biting

boxer dog biting

Boxer is a muscular, powerful and herculean medium-sized dog. It is a human friendly fellow but one should never forger its sturdy jaw and sharp teeth. We’ll try to elaborate in this article about the appropriate information for a Boxer dog’s biting. It is to be remembered, Boxer dog is not considered a riskier pet. … Read more

Boxer Barking

boxer dog barking

For the pet lovers, dogs are one of the most precious animals in the world. There is a famous phrase by a writer, “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” And when it comes to Boxer, it is really special. He adores you … Read more