Popular tips and tricks about Boxer Dog Grooming

Boxer Dog grooming requires proper knowledge and equipment, but on the other hand, it is extremely important for your dog. Want to see your dog groomed? Regardless of the thing that your dog hairs are short or long, you have to follow some basics tips and tricks to groom your dog at home. In this article, I’ll take some basic Boxer dog grooming tips that won’t only save money and time but also helps you to groom your dog at home.

Handling and Preparation;

boxer dog GroomingTrust me it’s very cheaper to groom your dog at home than visit groomer every week. But home grooming has some fundamentals. First, don’t permit your dog to bolt out of the tub, instead of you should train him how to obey your command regarding sit, stay and standing.

If you are handling your dog since he had been a puppy, then you can easily handle him easily, and likely chance is very less that he make trouble while cutting.

Grooming Kit;

Always concentrate on your Grooming Kit. Your kit must include no-slip mat because it is considered to be the best for hair, nail clipping and cleaning of teeth and gum. For all sort of cleaning, you have to command your dog to stand on a table to keep yourself free from strain yourself by bending. Apart from the no-slip mat, Grooming Kit also contain different brushes, scissors or clippers, and combs.


For Boxer Dog Grooming at home, it is important that you must have a tub according to the size of your dog. If your dog is willing to take a bath then, first of all, make it cover with the warm water, get the non-slip mat, jug, towel, hair dryer and shampoo. Many types shampoo is available in the market, but canine shampoo is the best. For instance, if your dog is covered with the fleas and ticks, then you should use the specific shampoo for that. In the case of skin allergy, get a shampoo that overcomes it.


Once you collected all the above-mentioned things, now it’s time to take your dog in the tub along with the non-slip mat. You can use cotton wool so that soapy water can’t get in his ears and eyes. Now it’s Lathering time. In the starting, you shouldn’t put the soap on his face infect you should start Lathering from the dog’s body.

Once you lather the whole body, then you should do so it on the face, but in a careful manner. You can use the sponge for lathering the face. The sponge is also best for dog’s tail cleaning. It is important to clean the dog’s tail because the chances are there that bacteria can hit that place and become the main reason of infection.

Time to wash;

Once you properly lather your dog body and face, now it’s time to rinse it properly by using the towel. The rinse process doesn’t take much time more than 3 minutes of rinsing. But if your dog has the long hairs, then this process may take the 5 minutes.

Now you have to dry your dog body, but be careful while doing it because the chances are there that the dog skin can get irritated by dryer heat. For drying purpose, you should use the dryer on low temperature. Make sure that you pamper your dog properly during bathing.

Hair Clipping;

Its time to clip your dog hairs, but it can be properly done with the clippers. The advantage of using clippers is that they are available in different length, which adjusts your dog’s hair according to his length. For clipping purpose, you have to follow the below-mentioned tips.
On your dog’s coat always prefer to use the clipper in a flat position.

Always use the clipper in the direction of the dog’s hair grain.

In a very light manner, put the clippers into your dog’s skin. While clipping you should be careful around the neck area.
It is not appropriate to use the clipper on the anal muscle of dog because they are extremely sensitive. If you want to remove excess hairs on the anal muscle, then you can use the scissors.

Ear Cleaning

After clipping, you have to clean the ear. For this purpose, you should hold the head of your dog forward, hold it properly and then wipe it off gently with cotton wool. You should avoid putting the cotton in the dog’s ear deeply. Repeat this process with both of the ears.

Nail Clipping

  • Nails trimming of your dog is very important, which can be easily done by yourself at home, but you have to do it in a careful manner. Follow the below-mentioned tips to trim your dog’s nails in a careful manner.
  • While buying the pair of clippers, you have to concentrate on the quality, not on money. Avoid buying the flimsy Clippers because they have the tendency of breakage easily.
  • From the pup age, you have to start clipping your dog’s nails on a weekly basis. But if you are unable to do it, then the best idea is to playing with your dog’s feet gently so clippers activity can’t make him terrified.
  • In the starting, you shouldn’t clip the nails long. With the passage of time, when he get used to this process, then you can clip the nails long as much as you can. It is important to trim the nails after every six to ten weeks to groom your dog properly.
  • If your dog loves to go outside a lot, then short nails length is a good idea, but in the case of indoors stays, you can trim the nails after 4 to six weeks.
  • If you use the above mentioned Boxer Dog Grooming tips on the regular basis, then you’ll notice that your dog stay away from all the health problems.
  • If you are so much conscious about your dog health, then make sure that your dog stomach should be good along with 0% flaky, less red dry skin or lumps. Would the above-mentioned tips helpful for you to overcome your dog health problems?

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