Boxer Dog size – Basic Info

boxer dog size

Wanted to know about the Boxer Dog size? Well, they have the medium sized dog, bred in Germany, and have short, square shaped skulls, powerful jaws which help him to grab prey in the large ratio. Over hundred years they exist, but some people disagree with their name origins. In this article, we’ll take a … Read more

When Boxer dog has loose skin?

boxer dog lose skin

If you are looking for information when Boxer has loose skin and Does it normal for a Boxer to have loose skin? Then you should read this article. We will discuss the main reasons, its main causes that when Boxer has loose skin and how to prevent it. After reading this article, you will be … Read more

Why a Boxer Dog Seems too Skinny?

boxer seem to skiny

Wanted to know that why Boxer dogs are lean, slim and packed with the tight muscles? However changes happen to the body of Boxer dog when he changes from puppyhood to adulthood. For the temporary period for example, the age of 14 and 22 Boxer looks too skinny, not for the whole life. Find out … Read more

Ear Cropping of boxer dogs

ear croping of boxers dog

Are you still thinking that whether you have to crop the ears of the Boxer? If you are one of them who completely against with that statement, then I’m sure that you will be totally against to this statement. On the other hand, if you agree with the statement that cropping is good for the … Read more

Boxer Dogs Face Appearance and health

boxer dog face

Do you know how a Boxer Dogs Face Appearance typically looks like? Well, let me define it properly. They usually have a medium-sized, stocky breed with a flat and short haired coat in the fawn color and brindle deprived of any markings. However, some Boxer Dogs found with white bellies and flash on their paws. … Read more

Boxer Breed Types: The Three Most Popular

boxer breed types

Wanted to know about Boxer Breed Types? It is recommended to starts by getting to know about its appearance, personality, and health necessities. Here’s what you need to know about the Boxers Breed and its types; An introduction to Boxer Breed; The Boxer are normally called as working” class dog, just because of the medium … Read more

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