Are Boxers Good With Kids

Are Boxers Good With Kids

Boxers are one of the most friendly natured dogs. This ability makes them a desiring and unfavorable pet. But are boxers good with kids? Do they spend quality time with them? What kind of behavior they show in certain circumstances and are boxers as an aggressive breed? Some dogs are cruel to cats and behave … Read more

Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other? Or Sit on You!

Why Do Boxer Dogs Sit on Each Other

They cherish to cuddle on your sofa, they tend to behave childish, ooops …., they’ll never grow up; they are sweet rascals always loving to jump on you and sit on you! We’re talking about mischievous and rowdy boxers. A person among us, against whom all the playful facts are not un-folded, might get strange … Read more

Boxer dog bloating issue – Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Boxer dog bloating issue

Ever hear of boxer dog bloating issue? I heard and looked for the best tips to overcome it. In this article, I’ll tell you the several causes, warning signs, and possible treatment of bloating. But it may happen that it make you scared me, but you should ignore your panic situation. Boxer dog bloating issue … Read more

Boxer dog head bobbing – 5 Great Tips, causes and symptoms


Trembling or shaking is the repeating uncontrolled developments of the body that happens while your dog is wakeful. Shaking in dogs may happen in various parts of the body and the causes may differ as needs be. In spite of the fact that dog head bobbing is not generally deadly, favorable finding and appropriate treatment … Read more